Jyorei. Purification of the Spirit.

“Unless you make others happy, you can never be happy yourself.”

“Jyorei” is a healing practice that means “purification of the spirit.” Shumei’s founder, Meishusama, developed Jyorei as a treatment for physical ailments.
Jyorei is a shared act involving two people, one who gives and one who receives. The person receiving Jyorei may experience a sensation of tranquility and well-being. The giver benefits by gaining a larger capacity for compassion and love for others.
Jyorei can be given to anyone at any place or time. All who wish to experience Jyorei are welcome at our centers.
Ms. Bejai Gillis lives in California, in the USA. In 2014 her beloved son underwent surgeries to remove a brain tumor. She kept sharing Jyorei with him and its light energy completely healed him. She says Jyorei is a divine blessing to people.
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Mr. & Mrs. Hohman live in Ohio, in the USA. Tom went to visit the Hohman’s and to give Mr. Hohman Jyorei from outside his home. The light of Jyorei healed Mr. Hohman’s case of Covid-19, in 2021. They hope the light of Jyorei will bring back love and peace to the world.
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A medical doctor in Brazil, Dr.Fernando shared Jyorei for a patient of covid-19 and she miraculously improved her oxygen levels.
Thai Buddhist Monk
Montri Aiem-Ong
Jyorei Story
Benjamin Austin
in Australia

Jyorei FAQ

How does Jyorei work?

Jyorei practitioners view spiritual clouds as the cause of sickness and unhappiness. These clouds are subtle impurities within our spiritual body that dull our awareness and damage our health. Jyorei removes spiritual clouds in the same way that light dispels darkness. Jyorei is transmitted first to the forehead, which primarily promotes spiritual purification, and then to the top of the head, which induces physical purification. There is no need for a Jyorei giver to diagnose the condition of the recipient, because the Light goes straight to the source of the problem.

Is it always good for everyone?

Yes. Jyorei, like prayer, is universally beneficial, as God’s assistance is good for everyone. The Light of Jyorei purifies and uplifts, and unlike drugs, there are no negative side effects. Although we have not studied this subject scientifically, it appears to encourage homeostasis. Both overactive and underactive immune systems seem to benefit from Jyorei. It calms down those who are agitated and it rejuvenates those who are tired. Jyorei is good for body, mind, and spirit.

What is the difference between Jyorei and other forms of healing?

Many people claim that the energies of Jyorei and other forms of healing feel different from each other. Some sessions can last up to an hour or so, whereas Jyorei sessions usually last only five minutes. Other healing modalities may incorporate complex techniques and procedures, whereas Jyorei is essentially simple, with an emphasis placed on love and gratitude. The Jyorei giver does not try to control the energy or the outcome of the healing session but instead just allows the Light to shine through.

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