Sunday 15 May at 10.50am

at Shumei London centre

Saturday 15th May is World Jyorei Day and we will hold a World Peace Prayer at Shumei centres around . On World Jyorei Day, you are encouraged, while sharing Jyorei, to send prayers to those who are going through difficult times.
Although lately it may be challenging to share Jyorei, please use World Jyorei Day as an opportunity to get creative and, most importantly, to share this Light with sincerity and gratitude.

We will chant Amatsunorito and exchange Jyorei at 11:00 am to spread Light and positive energy to every corner of the world. Let us celebrate this special occasion at the London centre.

If you cannot come to the centre, you may join online via Zoom.


Donation for the World Peace Prayer

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Marcelo is introducing last year’s Jyorei stories from Shumei members around the world. Please watch the video.

Share your experiences and inspire more!

We would appreciate hearing about any significant experiences of gratitude resulting from sharing Jyorei.
Please share any small or large experiences of gratitude using this form.

World Jyorei Day