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Purification Sampai (Ô-harai prayer)

Shumei Lodon Cente 50-52 Camden square, London

Ō-HARAI (大祓い) On the 31st of December, we chant the Kamigoto (Divine Words) in order to purify our spirit, which has been clouded by our daily lives. The Kamigoto chant comes from a special tradition, where a request is made to the Divine to intervene in order to purify all our major indiscretions from the... View Article

Reading Friday

A new online learning opportunity is added to our weekly schedule. Let's read and learn Meishusma's Essential Teaching together on Fridays. Fridays at 6:30 pm (after the Evening Sampai)

Natural Agriculture Programmes


We are offering various events for growers and general public. Please visit Shumei Yatesbury's Eventbrite page.