Latest Past Events

Healing Light Class

Shumei Lodon Cente 50-52 Camden square, London

The Healing Light Class is a wonderful opportunity to learn about a simple yet profound healing art—Jyorei. Jyorei can be given at any place and to anyone. All who wish to experience Jyorei are welcome at our Shumei Centre in Camden,London.


Japanese Origami Workshop

Shumei Lodon Cente 50-52 Camden square, London

The appreciation of Art & Beauty through Japanese Origami Origami is an important Japanese craft and is widely practiced internationally, as an art or a healthy hobby. Learn with Ayu and Akari about the origins of Origami and the significance that it has culturally worldwide. Learn some basic art forms folds. All necessary material is provided, but... View Article


Japanese Tea Ceremony in Camden

Shumei Lodon Cente 50-52 Camden square, London

茶の湯 - The Japanese tea ceremony, also called the Way of Tea, is a Japanese art involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha, powdered green tea, preceded by handcrafted Japanese sweets. The art of tea ceremony has had a great influence on Japanese culture and the way of everyday life in Japan. You will... View Article